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Front-End Developer

About Me

I'm both a self-taught Developer and I hold BS in Computer Science. I am currently involved with and I enjoy learning technologies mostly weird parts of JavaScripts. I also love pizza and burgers with cheese on it.


Tiano Website

Built a Website Template

Payroll System

A Simple code using Java.

Menu Burger

Using CSS, I developed a Burger to Cross Menu

My First Portfolio

After learning Basic HTML and CSS

My Travel Memories

Created a simple page of visited provinces

Webpage Template

Strengthen my skills with bootstrap and responsive website.


Using JavaScript able to create a Temperature Converter

Daily List Goal

Used JavaScript + DOM

Background Generator

CSS + JavaScript

Travel sa Pinas

Travel Agency Website Template

Bookmarker Exercise

Bookmarker using plain JavaScript

Wanna work together?

Thank you for visiting my profile. If you have questions or have an interesting opportunities you think I'm perfect one to do, you can email me.
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Taguig City - 1631, Metro Manila, PH
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